Pasadena United

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About Us

Who We Are

Pasadena United Methodist Church (PUMC) is an inclusive and dynamic community of people who have been serving the Lord in Pasadena for 100 years. We welcome those who are sure about their Christian faith, those who are seekers and those who doubt, for the love of God is deep and wide. You’ll find our church family comes from different backgrounds and faith traditions. Whether you have never been to church or are looking for a new church home, there is a place for you here!

We gather each week at PUMC to praise God and to share how Jesus Christ is working in and through our lives today. Our mission is to share God’s love, to nurture Christian disciples, and to minister to the needs of persons within and beyond our congregation. We have traditional and contemporary worship that includes Bible-based preaching, spirit-lifting music, and celebrations of the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. You will find a variety of programs for children, youth and adults, as well as strong commitment to meeting the needs of those in our community and in the world, from our Care Corner Food Pantry to our overseas missions.

Come worship with us, and let our church family welcome you.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Mernie Crane

Our History (1918-2018)

Pasadena United Methodist Church is now almost 98 years old, and very much alive. Our history dates back to 1875, when the Piney Grove Methodist church was formed near the intersection of Benfield and Jumpers Hole Road. Pasadena Methodist Episcopal Church came into existence in 1917 when it merged with the Piney Grove Church. The congregation first met in a tent, and later in the old Pasadena Elementary School. It was incorporated in 1918 when the wood-framed sanctuary was completed at the corner of Linden and Chestnut Streets. 

With a membership of 68 in 1952 and a growing congregation, the Rev. Royden Kohler was appointed as the first full-time minister. Plans were formulated for a new sanctuary when land was presented to the congregation in 1955 by the Baltimore Conference, the forerunner of the present Baltimore-Washington Conference. Following a major financial drive, the church sanctuary, hall and office areas were constructed and then dedicated on Nov. 9, 1958. Two additional units followed later, the fellowship hall, kitchen and a partial education unit.

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Join us as we look forward to celebrate our 100th anniversary in November 2018 - and become part of the ongoing history of our church serving our Lord here in Pasadena!